About us

My Backpack Local welcomes you to experience an easy and pleasant shopping method. We are an online store and brand that provides diverse backpack and custom products. 

The purpose of My Backpack Local is to present unique and outstanding products. For us, each product is more than following trends because they are innovative while having a diverse function.

At My Backpack Local we only work with essential manufacturers that are masters in their field and produce unique pieces with low percent of error. The manufacturers have a passion and creativity for aesthetics distinction and quality, which are identical to all My Backpack Local customers. Every product in our store is carefully selected and researched in order to fulfill high standards for worth and low possibilities of failure. 

In the store, you can find backpacks for daily usage, to travel and formal occasions that help you stand out daily. Products are not limited to a certain occasion or season and products are added regularly to expand selection and styles.

This is a store that UNLEASHES the best deals and unique products. Join us and be aware of the daily UNLEASHES just for you.